Estetic – Sana - центр эстетической медицины
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Aesthetic Private clinics

Estetic – Sana - центр эстетической медицины

About the center


Mdical Licence no. AMMP 002500

Beauty and Health is the man’s greatest treasure.
Time is the best doctor, however, it is a poor cosmetologist!
Estetic–Sana Center is your ally in your combat against time.






Why our center?

  • A license from the Health Ministry;
  • Highly skilled staff, including 3 MDs and 2 Superior Category doctors;
  • The immaculate quality of our services;
  • New advanced equipment;
  • Leading technologies from the global leaders;3esteticsana300506m
  • A large range of treatments and services for different age groups;
  • Personalized solutions and enhancement programs to treat any problem;
  • Professional cosmetic products from the leading global manufacturers:

      - Skin – Tech (Spania) 4esteticsana300506m
      - Koko – dermaviduals (Germania)
      - Holy Land (Israel)
      - Gigi (Israel)
      - Anna Lotan (Israel)
      - Maspi – Line (Italia)
      - Danne (SUA)
      - Iansen (Germania)
      - Casmara (Spania)
      - Cosmactive (Italia)
      - Bioage (Brazilia)

  • Affordable prices
  • Possibility of payment in physical cash or by bank transfer; season tickets, discount cards and VIP card schemes;
  • VIP service guaranteed to any customer.

The Aestretic Medical Center “Estetic Sana” was awarded the 2006 VIP-Award for its achievements in the field of aesthetic medical treatment.